Fan Counting (thanks to l3uerosegirl) ...

1 FAN:
all chow = 1 fan
your flower = 1 fan (1=East 2=South 3=West 4=North)
your flowers = 2 fan
if table is set for flowers and you get no flowers = 1 fan (rule does not
apply if table is set for no flowers)
pong of any dragon = 1 fan
pong of your wind/prevailing wind = 1 fan
if you are east seat and pong east wind = 2 fans
self pick = 1 fan (draw from the wall)
14th tile = 1 fan
Stop kong by mahjong = 1 fan

2 FAN:
2 of the above will give you 2 fans. In some 2 fan tournaments if a player
does not get their flower they will sometimes go for 3 fan and above

3 FAN:
All Mixed Pongs = 3 fan
All 1 suit with pongs of any dragon or wind = 3 fan (refered to as a semi
pure hand)
These 2 ways of 3 fan must be played if it is a standard 3 fan tournament
In a non standard 3 fan tournament you may use 3 of the 1 fan rules to make
3 fans or play the standard way which is most often the case when non
standard 3 fan option rule is open to them.

when playing 3 fan and above start with a semi pure hand and used the 1 fan
rules to add on to that semi pure hand

semi pure hand (3)
in that semi pure hand pong of dragon (1)
self pick (1)
total of 5 fans

semi pure hand (3)
all pong (3)
one of those pongs is prevailing wind (1)
your flower (1)
total of 8 fans

I know this may seem strange, but remember a semi pure hand is all 1 suit
with pongs of any dragon or wind and will always count for 3 fans and if you
pong a dragon, your wind, prevailing wind you will always recieve that extra

All same suit (no honor tiles) is worth 6 fan (refered to as pure hand)

all same suit (6)
all chow (1)
self pick the 14th tile (2)
no flower in flower set table (1)
total of 10 fans